Spectator Policy

Spectator Policy

As of September 7th 2021, with the start of our Fall programming, anyone coming to spectate programming (gymnastics, swimming, etc.) inside the YMCA, that is NOT an active member and 18 years or older, will need to present a valid photo ID at the membership desk and be screened prior to entry. This policy is in accordance with the Y-USA Sex Abuse Prevention Policies and ensures that our building is safe for all who enter. All YMCA members have already met this requirement and do not need to present an ID but may scan into the facility as normal.

This new policy applies only to non-YMCA member spectators, ages 18 years and older. When entering the Y for the first time, please stop at the front desk and present a valid photo ID. Our membership team will check your credentials in our system and once cleared, will provide you with a scan card. This is a ONE-TIME check valid for a year. The cards are unique and cannot be shared. The card only allows access for viewing and does not include use of facility amenities. Please present the card every time you enter.

If there are spectators that are infrequent visitors, they can be checked upon entry and sign the guest book at the front desk. The scan cards are meant for spectators who come on a regular basis.

Please keep in mind that seating for viewing is very limited in this facility. Please try to limit the # of spectators for each participant. We will make special accommodations for events such as swim meets, and gymnastics meets. We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we implement this new policy. We are working to ensure that participants and their families have a positive experience in our facility while at the same time maintaining a safe environment.

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