Nationwide Membership

Nationwide Membership

Continue your healthy living journey while out of town! Your membership at the YMCA at ACRC opens the doors to all participating Nationwide YMCA locations – at no extra cost. If you’re a YMCA member traveling to the Austin, MN area, here’s how to take advantage of our nationwide reciprocity agreement:

  • Visit any participating Nationwide YMCA
  • Present your YMCA membership card and photo ID
  • Our staff will check you into the Nationwide database
  • Enjoy access to the facility

YMCA at ACRC Nationwide Rules:

  • This program is offered as a benefit for all active, full-privilege Y members.  
  • The member must present their YMCA membership card and a current photo ID when visiting another Y so their identity can be verified. 
  • Nationwide members must sign a one-time waiver to be eligible for the Nationwide Membership program.  
  • Nationwide members can utilize all areas of the facility that are available to and included in facility membership (unless otherwise restricted by the facility)The Family Fun Pool at the YMCA at ACRC is not included in Nationwide access.  A pass must be purchased. 
  • As Nationwide members are not full-privilege members of other Y’s they visit, they are not entitled to bring guests into those facilities.  
  • Overuse/abuse of the Nationwide system is defined by utilizing a visiting Y more frequently than a member utilizes their home Y.  
  • A Nationwide member may be asked to transfer their membership to the Y they visit most, or they may be refused access to the visiting Y.  
  • Nationwide members must abide by each Y’s code of conduct at all times.  
  • A YMCA can deny access to a Nationwide member in violation of any policy and may notify the home Y, who can choose to take similar action.  

*Albert Lea members are restricted to 2 visits per month due to the close proximity of the facilities   

Addie Mathias
Membership Coordinator
507.433.1804 ext. 107

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