Financial Assistance

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We understand lives can take a turn at times and people may find themselves in difficult situations. That is why the new facility will offer financial assistance and scholarships to make sure membership, programs and services are available to everyone regardless of income or background.


Applications will always be confidential, and we will base our financial assistance on both income and family size.

Once the form is complete, bring in ALL required documents to our Member Engagement team so we can process your application. Required documents are listed on the application. These forms, along with the application can be emailed to our Membership Director, Maggie Moore at

Program Scholarships

Program Scholarship funds are made possible through a grant from the Hormel Foundation. This is an annual scholarship that will expire at the end of this year or when the funding runs out, whichever comes first. These funds can be used for any of our programming, from Swimming Lessons & Youth Sports to Adult Programming & any of our Trainings. These program scholarships, however, may not be used for Personal Training or Private Lessons.

Fitness Benefits

Did you know that subscribers to many health insurance companies may be eligible for a fitness benefit that can help save money on your membership? Many insurance providers will reimburse a large portion of membership fees back to those who visit a specific number of times per month.

The new facility will accept participating insurance plans and members can apply once they sign up for membership.

It is important to note that not all plans qualify, so please check with your insurance company to see if your plan is eligible.

Maggie Moore
Membership Director

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