Donors & Volunteering

A Community Comes Together

Thanks to the amazing generosity of the community we were able to achieve and exceed our public fundraising goals and collected a little over $36 million dollars enabling us to bring this facility to life. Of this $36 million, more than $6 million was given by community members. This effort, added with our amazing corporate donations, has create a place in the Austin Community that will allow us to continue to grow the economic prosperity of our community.


The reasons people volunteer are many. Some want to give back to have an impact on their life or someone they know. Others have retired but still have talents to share. Still others are seeking job skills. No matter the reason, our volunteers play an important role. Our new facility has many opportunities for volunteering including tutors, coaches, board members, program and special event volunteers.

Even with a beautiful new facility, we still have a need for support in our community. We believe that meaningful change can only come about when we all work together to invest in our kids, our health and our neighbors. Every day, we will work side-by-side in our community to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Our Annual Campaign supports this mission and will continue to be a driver for this facility for many years to come.

If you have any questions or want to know more about donating your time or resources, please contact us here.

If you’d like to donate to our cause, please send donations to:
c/o Annual Support Campaign:
501 4th Avenue NW
Austin, MN 55912

Questions? Send us an email at

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