Rates & Membership

What types of memberships will be available?
There will be individual, family, senior and youth 14+ memberships available at the new facility.

Will there be a joiner’s fee?
We are waiving our joiner fee until April 3, 2020. Join now to avoid the joiners fee.

Can I use the facility with a day pass?
Yes! We understand not everyone may want a membership. That is why we are excited to offer day passes available for purchase to use the facility for those who do not have a membership. There is no limit to the number of day passes a person can purchase. Click here to view day pass rates.

What will the rates be for a membership?
Membership rates can be found on our Membership & Rates page. These rates provide the most affordable options to allow all to access the building. This while ensuring successful, continued operation of the facility.

Will I be required to sign a yearly contract?
Yearly contracts are not required when joining the facility. Members may cancel their membership at any time after the 2-month processing period, with appropriate notice.

Will any of it be free to the public?
Yes! The youth/teen center and indoor playground are free for Austin area residents. Please visit our hours of operation for more details.

Why aren’t more parts of the building free?
While it would be wonderful to have an entirely free facility, there are costs associated with a facility like this.

Will there be scholarships or financial assistance available?
Yes! There will be opportunities for scholarships and financial assistance to those who qualify.

I am a current Y member, do I need to do anything to become a member of the new facility?
Nope! If you are a current Y member, your membership will carry over to the new facility. The Y will be communicating with you to let you know all the details about the move. If you haven’t already done so, please stop at the front desk to ensure we have your current email/mailing address on file.

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