Covid – 19 Safety Protocols

Safety is our No. 1 priority and in an effort to continue keeping our members and staff safe, we require members to wear a mask upon entering/exiting our facility. Once members arrive at their reserved destination, they are allowed to remove their mask and enjoy your workout. Once your workout is complete, we ask that you replace your mask upon exiting our building.

Please follow the instructions below to reserve your workout.

Members coming to workout  inside  the Y, must enter through the West Doors . There will be NO admittance through the South Doors. Please allow a few extra minutes to complete the mandatory health screening. 
Curbside Fitness  participants, DO NOT enter the West doors, please continue to proceed to the SOUTH entrance and your workout square.

While this is not the most ideal way to welcome our members, it is important to keep members safe and reduce ALL touch points. We are as excited as you are, we are showing it by taking good care of you, our staff, and our facility! 


  • All members must have a reservation to enter the building 
  • Instructions for reservations will be shared soon
  • Please DO NOT plan to walk in without a reservation

Health Screening

  • Every member will participate in a health screening before entry including a temperature check.
  • Members with a temp of 100.4 or above will be allowed a 5 minute break before a second test. If a second test fails, the member will be asked to leave and not allowed back for 14 days. 
  • We strongly encourage members to wear masks into the facility prior to and following workout.
  • Members will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entry.


  • Upon passing the health screen and hand sanitizer, each member will proceed directly to the scanner.
  • Have membership card ready to self-scan.
  • Any member with the following flags will be delayed and possibly denied entry:
  • Membership HOLD
  • NO Covid Waiver on file
  • Balance Due
  • No Reservation

Proceed to Workout

  • Since our locker rooms are not available during this phase, members will need to be dressed and ready to begin their workout, this includes pool workouts.
  • Staff will provide instructions as to how to proceed to desired location and exit when time has expired.
  • Lockers will be available for use, bring your own lock.

Building Signage and Protocols
Below is a list of the signage you will notice throughout the building. Please take your time to read and follow the instructions on each of these signs, they are meant to keep us safe.

  • Social Distancing, 6-ft Apart – need to maintain at all times, you will notice hanging signs and floor decals
  • Cardio Machine in Between Zone – every other cardio machine will be available for use
  • Green/Red Sanitation Cards – Green means machine ready to GO, Red indicates machine NOT ready for use
  • Directional Arrows – follow as you enter and exit spaces
  • Drinking Fountain Not in Use – bottle fill available, bring your own water bottle
  • Currently Closed – no entry allowed at this time
  • Aquatics Use Only – changing rooms for aquatics participants only

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