Yoga/Pilates Sampler

Yoga/Pilates Sampler

This session is currently FULL

We are looking for 10 participants to join us for a 5-week Yoga immersion every Monday and Wednesday night at 7pm for the entire month of March.  Sessions will be held inside our Yoga Studio in a serene, inclusive setting where we can provide multiple styles including Yoga Sculpt, Power Vinyasa Flow, PiYo, Kettlebell Yoga and more! $50 guarantees you all 10 sessions but spots are limited so act quick!  First session begins March 1st.

5-Week Session begins March 1, 2021
Monday & Wednesday 7:00 – 7:45pm
$50/YMCA Member, age 14+

Studio B

Monday, March 1: Yoga Sculpt
Wednesday, March 3: Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga
Monday, March 8: Kettlebell Yoga
Wednesday, March 10: Yoga on the Stability Ball
Monday, March 15: Yoga Sculpt
Wednesday, March 17: Slow flow vinyasa yoga
Monday, March 22: Power Vinyasa Flow
Wednesday, March 24: Piyo (Yoga/Pilates mix)
Monday, March 29: Yoga Sculpt
Wednesday, March 31: Slow flow vinyasa yoga

Slow flow Vinyasa: Slow Flow Yoga is a gentle way of doing yoga postures with deliberation and calm. The pace of a flow class is meditative and focuses on peace and serenity in the mind and your body awareness. Poses are held longer, breathing very intentional, and transitions flow.

Yoga on the stability ball: Incorporating the stability ball (large inflatable rubber ball) with our traditional vinyasa yoga flow. This useful workout tool will help to strengthen your core, assist with balance, and encourage muscles to work in new and different ways.

Piyo: A combination of yoga and Pilates. Where you will get a good sweat, a great stretch, gain endurance, and relax all in one class.

Yoga Sculpt: Yoga Sculpt is a dynamic yoga practice that incorporates resistance training and moderate aerobic training into traditional yoga sequences. Yogis use their own bodyweight and light dumbbells to deepen the power of their yoga practice while chiseling their body into shape. Designed to target and tone all the major muscle groups.

Kettlebell Yoga: A combination of yoga poses with kettlebell exercises in a circuit format. More bang for your buck! Incorporating both practices will improve flexibility, strength, stability along with a moderate aerobic heart rate.

Power Vinyasa Flow: A vigorous version of our slow flow vinyasa yoga. Connecting each movement to each breath, fluidly moving from one pose to the next.

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