Intro To Weightlifting

Intro To Weightlifting

Designed to teach our youth the basics of weight lifting and exercise. This class will help build a basic knowledge so they are confident and successful when training on their own. Whether it’s for sports or just to be healthy this class will improve and reinforce the mechanics needed to properly lift. Lessons will include strength training fundamentals, proper warm-up and cooldown, correct form and technique, and so much more!

Session: June 5 – June 28 | Ages 10 – 13yrs.

Day of SessionTime
Monday & Wednesday3:30pm – 4:30pm
Membership TypeCost
YMCA at ACRC Member$75
Community Member$100

Questions? Reach out to our Healthy Living Director, Isabelle Reuter. You can reach her by calling the Y at 507.433.1804 ext. 122 or by email at

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