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Gymnastics Director
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Flying to New Heights 

We truly will be flying to new heights in our state-of-the-art gymnastics facility. Our program is designed for children to have FUN while learning both gymnastics skills and life skills. 

We have a group of talented instructors and a dedicated facility here to serve you. Our staff is here to teach, lead and mentor your child with the goal of developing them into the best gymnast he or she can possibly be. 

Our Facility 

Our facility includes practice and competitive vault, practice and competitive bars, practice and competitive beams, floor, in-ground tumble trak. 

Space Amenities

  • 9,383 square foot
  • Gymnastics programming 18mo. through high school
  • In-ground tumble track
  • 2 training pits
  • Spring floor
  • 2 vaults
  • 3 uneven bars
  • Multiple beams
  • Men’s Equipment


Gymnastics Season (12-week Sessions)

Winter Quarter = November 29 – February 26
Spring Quarter = February 28 – May 28
Summer Quarter = June 6 – August 27

Our Gymnastics season consists of four training Quarters. Each Quarter is a 12-week session of 3 monthly, 4-week segments. Reservations for the entire quarter can be made at any time for the classes (with space available) through the first week of any monthly segment. Tuition for reserved classes is collected at the start of each new monthly segment.

Most class schedule changes and student mobility recommendations will occur between the season Quarters. Scheduled breaks are posted on the yearly and quarterly gymnastics calendar.


(Co-ed, walking – Kindergarten)

TINY TUMBLERS (Ages 18 mo. up to 3 yrs.)

This is a 45 minute class that introduces gymnastics shaping and basic elements in a play oriented manner, with equipment scaled for confidence.

Member TypeCost
YMCA at ACRC Member$40
Community Member$50

LITTLE STARS (Ages 3 – 4 yrs.)

First class for your gymnast on their own! Focus is on gymnastics fundamentals, coordination, body control and simple strength exercises while encouraging independent and cooperative activities.

Member TypeCost
YMCA at ACRC Member$40
Community Member$50

RISING STARS (Kindergarten, Ages 5 – 6)

1 hour class. For kids currently in Kindergarten or going into Kindergarten. Faster paced class that encourages listening skills along with more challenging movements, balance, and coordination elements.

Member TypeCost
YMCA at ACRC Member$50
Community Member$60


(1st Grade and older)

LEVEL I & II (1st Grade and older)

1 hr. basic through intermediate level skills, body shapes, and terminology will be introduced and trained on all Olympic events – students will be given skills and fitness goal sheets to work toward mastery of these levels.

Member TypeCost
Community Member$60

LEVEL III & IV ( 1st Grade and older)

1.5 hour class. Level I & II is a prerequisite for this class. Skills introduced earlier will be trained in combination, and more challenging elements will be introduced on all apparatus.

Member TypeCost
YMCA at ACRC Member$65
Community Member $75

DAREDEVILS ( Boys, ages 1st – 4th Grade)

1 hour recreational gymnastics class with a strong tumbling foundation, emphasizing safe and fun falling techniques while introducing gymnastics and other coordination and balance elements. Our objective is to be the perfect flexibility and fitness base for Gymnastics, or any sport your child would care to attempt!

Member TypeCost
YMCA at ACRC Member$50
Community Member$60


TEAM 2 & 3

Teams 2 & 3 serve as an introduction to the world of competitive gymnastics. The focus of this program is to get the athlete physically ready for the skills required for competitive gymnastics. Must be requested by coach to join. In-house and potentially travel competition is possible for athletes at this level.


Team has multiple age groups and opportunities for participation and competition. We presently compete with the Midwest Amateur Gymnastics Association (MAGA). From December to February is our normal competition time season – competing in around 7 meets, and March is our division championships.



Member TypeCost
YMCA at ACRC Member$75
Community Member$95


Member TypeCost
YMCA at ACRC Member$110
Community Member$135

Please check your email for future announcements and updates. If you have any questions, please direct them to Coach Rob at We are committed to providing quality programming while keeping our participants, staff and community safe.

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