Fitness Floor Policy

Fitness Floor Policy
  • The Fitness Floor is open to ages 14 and over. Youth aged 14-17 must complete a parent authorized Youth Orientation before working out on the Fitness Floor. Talk to a Fitness Floor attendant for orientation.
  • Workout attire is required (shirt, sweats, tennis shoes). No street shoes or sandals allowed. Sports bras alone are not allowed, ladies must have a shirt over their sports bra.
  • Personal items should be stored in lockers. No items should be on floor.
  • Be courteous and safe, please refrain from using your cell phone on equipment and allow people to work in between sets.
  • Only water bottles are allowed.
  • Please wipe off equipment when finished.
  • All members and guests are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. Abusive language will not be permitted.
  • Report any maintenance problems to the Fitness Floor Attendant.
  • Violators of these rules will forfeit their privilege to use the Fitness Floor.
  • Members & guests should not/may not pay or accept payment from anyone on the Fitness Floor for personal training advice. If you would like to hire a personal trainer, please talk to our Healthy Living Director, Isabelle Reuter. You can reach her by email at

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