Member Challenges

Member Challenges


Session: Entire month of November, starts November 1st.

A strong core is the foundation of a strong body. Join us this November for a 30-day plank challenge that will help you gain strength and improve your balance and posture. Gradually work your way up to a 3-minute plank through the month! Return your signed card to the Healthy Living Director by November 30th to get put in for a drawing. 

  • Ages: 14+ unless with parent then 10-13 
  • Times: on your own, members will need to have an instructor or fit floor team member time their 3-minute plank by the 30th  
  • Cost: FREE, pick up a card from the front desk or the fit floor desk 

Questions? Reach out to our Healthy Living Director, Isabelle Reuter. You can reach her by calling the Y at 507.433.1804 ext. 122 or by email at

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