Julie Petit-Thomsen

Julie Petit-Thomsen

Personal Bio: I am a Cycling and body toning instructor. I have taught at the Y for over 23 years. I grew up in a small rural community with no access to group fitness. I feel blessed to be a part of the Y community. I have served on the board and take great pride in our facility and it’s instructors. 

I started out teaching step class in the early morning and then took on the cycling class years later because of my love for cycling. I have been teaching cycling classes from the first day were offered and I still love it! We were first certified for Spinning by the Mad Dog company that was developed by Johnny G, a professional cyclist. I have since then taken courses in cycling coach and other continuing education programs to stay inspired. I feel it is important to stay current and inspired. 

I have several personal accomplishments that I feel have helped me understand the importance of a good workout and a safe workout. I have run marathons and have participated in several 4-person, 4day triathlons across the state. Doing smaller events such as 5k runs and 1/2 marathons and smaller triathlons have helped me stay motivated and kept me from burning out. One of my most joyful accomplishments was planning and mapping a cycling tour across the United States. Menu planning and navigation for 5 men who rode their bikes across the United States in 2011. I participated in the ride from the North to the South along the Mississippi down to New Orleans in 2013. 

I love to encourage people to cross train and expand their interests as there are many types of workouts available. Cross Training is important for overall fitness and helps to avoid burnout. 

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