Member Forum Q&A

Member Forum Q&A


Parking continues to be a topic of frustration for our members, not just in the evenings, but in the morning as well. There were complaints related to the number of handicapped spots available and people illegally parking in them. There was also discussion related to seniors and people with disabilities having to park far away when the weather is bad.

  • The YMCA at ACRC exceeds the number of handicapped spots required by the state of MN. We ask that if you do not have a valid permit to park in those spots you do not park there. Members observing someone parking illegally is encouraged to call law enforcement. The YMCA is not responsible for policing those spots.
  • We encourage all those who can, park as far away as possible, leaving spots closer to the building for those who are elderly or have disabilities. We can all do our part to be respectful of our Y community and allow easy access to those who need it most.
  • The north side of the Riverside Arena Lot has been designated as overflow for our facility. Please use this lot when our lots are full.


The changes that were made to aquatics class offerings caused frustration among some members. While we do appreciate that change can be difficult, the changes were made to address staffing issues and add operational efficiencies. Going forward we understand the need to inform members sooner of potential changes and when possible, get feedback so we can identify the impact of the change.

From our perspective, we ask that people participating in our classes consider that we are constrained by the staff available to offer classes. This includes the number and type of classes we have the capacity to offer on a regular basis. We do not want to offer classes that we are not able to sustain on a consistent basis either due to staffing or constraints of the facility.


We get many requests for new equipment purchases for this facility. While we appreciate the ideas, we ask that you speak directly with a director or

team member regarding your request. That allows us the opportunity to understand the need for the equipment as well as the potential impact and number of members that will ultimately benefit.

We have a running “wish list” of new equipment, which is prioritized and reviewed on a regular basis. We hope to invest in a few pieces of equipment each year that allow us to serve the most members and ultimately make the most impact. These decisions are weighed with the cost of maintaining our current equipment to achieve the longest life. Our funds and funding sources are limited, therefore our decisions are intentional and with the best long term interest of our facility and members in mind.


We have received feedback regarding our hours of operation, specifically on Saturday. Our hours are a function of our ability to provide the appropriate staffing to ensure our building is safe for our members. We currently do not have the capacity to remain open longer than the hours listed. We evaluate our hours on a regular basis hope to expand in the near future to increase member satisfaction.


Our goal is to create the best experience for everyone who enters our facility. Unfortunately, there are limits to what we can do. We cannot please everyone or provide all programming, classes, etc. at the day, time that works for everyone. We need to weigh the operational aspects so we can operate as efficiently as possible and manage our costs to continue to keep our rates accessible for our community. This is a balance that we work to achieve every day and for everyone who enters. Please know that our decisions are thoughtful and made with intention and in the best interest of our community and the long-term sustainability of the YMCA at ACRC. Thank you for your understanding and for being an important part of this community. We look forward to hearing from you and for more member forums to come. Please continue to direct your comments and questions to our comment box or We are listening!

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