Lasting Weight Loss & Emotional Health Workshop

Lasting Weight Loss & Emotional Health Workshop

with Jenni Linnett

October 23 9:00am – 10:30am
Community Event Room A

In this introductory workshop, Jenni will teach you the ‘5 Simple Strategies’ to lasting weight loss that she used to lose 55 pounds without restriction. Weight loss can be doable and realistic with lasting results when you understand that the biggest obstacle holding you back is your thinking and old beliefs about yourself. Losing weight is a mental game-your thoughts and emotions drive all of your actions. Can’t stick to a plan? Urges and cravings are in control? Don’t feel like you deserve to feel good or look good? You think you need to be harsh or critical with yourself to accomplish weight loss goals? Jenni’s coaching strategies address all of this and more!

Jenni Linnett is a Life Coach who specializes in helping women achieve lasting weight loss, emotional/mental health and overall life transformation. Jenni currently works with individual clients and educates groups via workshops in her coaching practice.

Please bring a journal or notebook with you to this workshop.

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