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Being healthy means more than simply being physically active. It’s about maintaining a balanced spirit, mind and body. At our new facility, you can work toward that balance by challenging yourself to learn a new skill, fostering connections with friends, or bringing your family closer through family-centered activities. It’s not about the activity you choose as much as it is about the benefits of living healthier on the inside as well as the outside.

  • Safety and Social Distancing Information
  • All classes are reservation only through our MotionVibe member App. If you haven’t already downloaded our app, please click here. Instructions are also listed on the Group X fitness schedule.
  • Participants can reserve their spot up to 5 days in advance. You may be required to show your reservation upon arrival.

Please note, this information is subject to change, so please check back often.

Class Descriptions

ACTIVE ABS – Express class focusing on the core muscles of the body. It strengthens the abs and their opposing muscles as well as stabilizing them. Come to class warmed up.

AFTER BURN – Designed to provide a total body workout at a high intensity that will be sure to get your heart rate up. These burn classes utilizes athletic drills, ropes, body-weight exercises, plyometrics, kettlebells, and more to develop strength and anaerobic capacity through functional exercise.

AQUA ZUMBA® – Known as the Zumba® “pool party,” Aqua Zumba gives new meaning to the idea of an invigorating workout. This class takes place in our heated indoor pools. Splashing, stretching, twisting, even shouting, laughing, hooting and hollering are often heard during an Aqua Zumba shallow water class.

BODY SCULPT – Muscle conditioning class that provides a balanced total body workout.

CYCLE – Indoor cycling workout incorporating visual imagery, verbal cues and energy zones. All fitness levels welcome as cyclists work at their own level.

CYCLEBOX – Our indoor cycling training combined with our classic kickboxing workout. Using bikes, bags, and gloves you will get a great balance of strength and cardio endurance all in one class.

FITSTEP: Energizing cardio workout stepping up and down on an adjustable bench to upbeat music.

GENTLE YOGA – Joining body, mind, and spirit to achieve a full-body experience. While taking a moderate approach to the traditional yoga class.

H2O FIT – This water fitness program provides a no-to low-impact but challenging cardiovascular workout. Participants may choose shallow or deep water. Noodles and styrofoam barbells are used to perform a variety of motions including water walking and running, abdominal work and toning exercises.

HIIT –  A form of interval training with a strategy of alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods followed by a cool down. Improving overall athletic performance and metabolic conditioning. Workouts are tailored to each and every fitness level.

HUSTLE & MUSCLE – A great workout for anyone looking to get lean and fit. This class uses light to moderate dumbbells and high repetitions. Cardio and athletic moves are linked in for a total body workout. Add energetic and motivational music and this will be the most fun you’ll have strength training.

KETTLEBELLS – Class utilizing kettlebells that incorporate movements that result in a dynamic, whole-body exercise routine that incorporates cardiovascular, resistance and range-of-motion training.

KICKBOX – Utilizes boxing gloves and boxing bags. Gives a great cardiovascular and muscle conditioning workout. We cannot provide wraps or gloves. Please bring your own.

LEGENDS 65+ NORDIC WALKING – Support and improve healthy posture, lesson impact on joints & engage the upper body to burn 20 – 40% more calories.

LEGENDS 65+ STABILITY/MOBILITY – Improve stability & mobility; with stretching, strengthening, aligned movement and the support of the 5’ stability stick. “Chair class”

MORNING BOOST – Fun workout that includes obstacle courses, stations and circuits. This workout contains cardio and strength conditioning and works on your power and agility. Featuring HIIT, Tabata and Interval style workouts.

PILATES – Putting together a blend of mat work specific to the Pilates method and throwing in a smidgen of various exercise equipment. This will help create better posture, a heightened sense of precision and control on the mat.

PUMP IT UP – Muscle conditioning class that provides a balanced total body workout.

RAISE THE BARRE – Combines elements of barre, dance and yoga. Exercises are high intensity and low impact, choregraphed to fun and motivating music. With emphasis on toning the lower half of the body and strengthening the core.

SLOW FLOW VINYASA YOGA is a style of yoga with focus on transitions and movements while creating more time spent in stationary poses. These poses are strung together to form one fluid sequence of movement. With a focus on connecting the movements with the rhythm of the breath. Vinyasa means to move with the breath, which is essentially the core of a Vinyasa class.

TRX CIRCUIT – Fire up your core, hit every major muscle group and get ready to sweat with this total-body TRX Suspension Training workout.

VIN YIN YOGA – Vin yin yoga is a mixture of vinyasa flow and a yin practice.  This combined practice build strengths and flexibility while deepening into yoga postures of the connective tissue of the hips, shoulders and spine.

VINYASA YOGA is a type of yoga that links movement and breath to attain balance in the mind and body. From the Sanskrit “to place in a special way,” vinyasa aligns a deliberate sequence of poses with the breath to achieve a continuous flow.

WAVE FIT – Burn calories, build strength and challenge your balance with total body exercises that utilize your body weight. This workout is performed on our stand up paddle boards in the lap pool.

WAVE YOGA – In this class we will be using our stand up paddle boards to perform yoga with focus on slower transitions and basic poses. More time spent in stationary poses that are put together to form one fluid sequence of movement. With a focus on connecting the movements with the rhythm of the breath.

ZUMBA – A fun, Latin dance inspired workout with easy to follow steps that let you naturally move to the beat. Zumba brings together Salsa, Merengue, Samba, Raggaeton, African Beats, Cumbia and Funk.

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