“The YMCA gives our family the opportunity to be active, healthy and have fun together.” ~ Brytnie

“The Y enhances my well-being and sanity! I am grateful.” ~ Connie N.

“Not only my physical lifestyle but mental lifestyle is what draws me to the YMCA. It’s a great place to make new friends or meet up with current friends with the same goals in life.” ~ Jay C.

“The YMCA has been a positive outlet for me during difficult times. My habits formed have become my joy. Go for it, find routines & meet new people.” ~ Bob

“We love having a top-notch facility for community wellness right in our backyard. Well maintained equipment, clean, awesome team members and programs to meet you where you are on your wellness journey. Being newcomers to the city, many of our friendships began right here.” ~ Denver

“The YMCA is a place our family visits every day to relieve stress through workouts, playing with friends at Child Watch, attending Preschool and socializing within our Community. We are beyond grateful for the beautiful facility and friendly employees who always greet us with a smile.” ~ Georgi

“The Y is home. I started when I was young, and a group exercise class started me into running. I have completed 7 marathons since then. I have met a lot of friends. It is a wonderful atmosphere & there is always something to do.” ~ Artie

“It means my day is complete! Also, the staff is so helpful yet fun to tease!” ~ Larry

​”The Y has been an integral part of my life and family since 2002. We were active members in the Y. Matt on the board to me becoming a group exercise instructor to the Fitness Director. When Matt became sick the Y was a place where he could come and continue to work on his health. After his passing the Y honored him and was very supportive of our family. I have always said that the Y is my second home, even more so after Matt’s death. The Y has taken care of me in my mind, body & spirit. It is a community that knows you, checks on you and supports you. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without the YMCA in my life.” ~ Kristi S.​

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